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tv   [untitled]    December 19, 2014 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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park pilot we recorded back a few meetings back in the summer and b will be coming forward with recommendations with the theory of sf park two dramatic pricing we'll improve the reliability and reduce congestion muni is improving transportation issue which include the creation of the network and improving reliability we've talked about the outdoor boarding and making the system smallest with technology with the safety assess we've had capital projects and we'll have a lot more coming over the cows of 2015 and goal 3 a live ability issue with the affordability it is challenged and the quality of
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life is something that the transportation is much a part of insuring we can maintain we did a study it demonstrated the policy bolstering the local committee and working to reduce our fingertip in terms of the energy and heard the governance committee and working hard to improve the project delivery to deliver on the capital there's the divorce have provided to us you've heard earlier from john with with a great delivery with the central subway on time and on budget and we expect the rest of our project to follow suits in terms of improving the workforce in the workplace to deliver on the rest of the goals through creating a culture of
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service to go along with the culture of safety insuring that all employees have clear expectations for their performance and get honest feedback and in here we recognize employees for they're great work ms. booze may reference to last year's close out fiscally the budget the service increase for free muni we've heard about today and adding for staff so we can better and better support the service on the capital side a significant investment that's been realized because of prop a that is part of the bigger transportation initiative we've had the task force started by mayor ed lee and co-chair by metcalf and on that recommended up to $3 billion of new
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investments in the next 15 years which prop a was the first down payment we're focusing on murray our progress for each the objectives in the strategic plan 4 goals and a key performance indicator for each the objectives we've met our goal and are working on the strategic action items we've completed the lions share of those so that's the lincoln fast version i'm sure you've read in our annual report and aaron will be happy to sign your paper copies i want to acknowledge that the mayor that the board your leadership particularly of the employees of the mta responsible for this
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work 5 thousand hard working people responsible for the outcomes and it set us up for success in the years to come. >> one thing i like about it acknowledging we're not made the modules but this give us the credibility but no one lo would building it i appreciate that but it looks at nice there are pictures of employees and i think it does employees and various civic leaders and advocates that makes a big difference as i've said a number of times this is the most used strategic plan i've been involved in this talks about how we're doing and yet ready to go so i appreciate i know it took a lot of work. >> members of board.
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>> i mean, i'll chime in it looks at gorgeous and the photos of the employees and the community members and, of course, chairman north koreans picture. >> it's a great report your i think the fiscal on the strategy plans keeps everything focused it makes it real clear. >> anyone else if not members of the public howard wong. >> he's the only person that turned in a speaker card. >> howard i think you missed the comments of the lower bus low floor buses are also a very important part of the transit preferential streets program adapt by the citizens in 2003 prop k portland, oregon had a change to
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ride their system check it out i was impress with their he long term planning low floor buses were an integral part avoiding the platforms that we and seen in san francisco when i see as a more disruptive and creating an obstacle in our streets moving forward with the lower floor vehicles of all types of vehicles and rail systems maybe we should look at the low floors although it creates a dual system in regards to the reports people have told me that can 0 donor is an important part of reporting it would be level to have a simple because of things
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that have been criticized let's look at r look at switch backs and people are been critical and rather than gloegz over them let's start having measurements over time to see how we've progressed even though we didn't progress having that information will have participation among the public. >> no one else exterminates to address the board. >> no one else. >> well happy holidays to everybody and see you again next year see you thank you very muchzzçñ
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